Terms of Use

Introductory Provisions

  1. These terms of Use outline basic rules for User behavior while using website Hangsphere (hereinafter the 'Site') available at web domain www.hangsphere.com. Accessing the Site and especially performing a registration signifies acceptance of these Terms of Use.
  2. Website Hangsphere is a social network focused on 'offline fun', that is publishing and searching for events in the real world.
  3. Website Hangsphere is owned by Filip Šustík (hereinafter referred to as 'Owner').

User Registration

  1. The Site is available to unregistered Users only with a limited extent of features. For a complete experience of the Site User registration is required.
  2. Mandatory information:
    1. first name and lastname
    2. unique e-mail address,
    3. unique username,
    4. password of at least 4 characters,
    5. User’s date of birth
    6. current User’s place of residence.
  3. The Site’s Owner reserves the right to verify the identity of the registered User by suitable means.
  4. For proper functionality of the site is necessary for User to complete his date of birth and keep updated his place of residence.


  1. The User performing registration expressly agrees that the owner is entitled, in accordance with relevant laws, especially Act no. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection (Act of Czech republic), process all information and data about the person who had the user in connection with this website provided (hereinafter "Personal data") to process such personal data for its business activities and communicate such information to third parties that owner has delegated any of statutory or contractual obligations.
  2. The User agrees that the owner manages all information and personal data in its own information system, or in the information systems of third parties.
  3. The User hereby declares that he was properly informed in this direction and provided information in question voluntarily.
  4. User grants this consent for an indefinite period or until a written withdrawal of consent. Deleting profile of the User also means withdrawal of consent.

Deleting Profile

  1. Every registered User has the right to delete his profile on the Site. Deleting removes all User’s data, removes User’s connections with other Users as well as with the events.
  2. Deleting profile is available in the Settings that is located on the navigation bar under the button . On the Settings page, under the heading Delete profile there is button, through which the relevant page to verify the deletion is accessible.

The rights and obligations of the Site

  1. The Site Hangsphere obligates itself:
    1. not to provide user’s personal data to third parties for purposes other than to ensure the functionality of the Site or to improve User’s experience with the Site,
    2. not to bother Users by unsolicited commercial communications which are not related to the Site Hangsphere, in case of commercial communications related to the Site to maintain the amount of commercial communication below the tolerable limit,
    3. to provide the basic functions of the Site free of charge to all Users, acting in accordance with these Terms of Use. Basic functions mean the particular functions of creating and publicizing events, searching them, taking part in them and others. All functions available on the date of publication of these Terms of Use provided free of charge in current range of functions will not be charged.
  2. The Site Hangsphere has the right to:
    1. a. in case of obvious abuse of the evaluation function, block User’s rating function both passive and active, erase ratings, that the User added, or which was added in behalf of the User,
    2. b. in case of serious or repeated violation of these Terms of Use by the User, block the User or proceed to complete deleting User’s profile.
  3. Neither the Site nor the Owner is liable for damages that the User or third parties directly, indirectly or incidentally suffered as a result of or in connection with use of the service of the Site. Neither is responsible for damages that Users or third parties suffer as a result of the inability to use the Site or services in direct or indirect connection with this fact.

The rights and obligations of the User

  1. The User obligates himself:
    1. not to disclose the source code of the Site Hangsphere or other components thereof for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the Owner,
    2. not to modify the source code of the Site,
    3. not to try to obtain data not intended for his person,
    4. not to publish events that are not really events for the purposes of the Site (eg., "Christmas", "summer vacation"),
    5. not to publish fraudulent events, false information about events and similar information which could be misleading for the average User,
    6. to behave according to the general moral principles, respect the freedom of speech of other Users, adhere to the law of the Czech Republic, or the rule of law in their home country, whether rules are stricter.
  2. The User is fully responsible for the security of his password. The Site is not liable for misuse of the User’s account because of a lack of protection of the User’s password, especially its lack of complexity. User acknowledges that adequate password should be composed of at least six characters and contain at least one letter uppercase, one lowercase, one number and one other character.
  1. By publishing any contribution or photographs (hereinafter "Content") User declares that he has the rights to this action.
  2. By publishing a post or a photo on the Site Hangsphere User gives the Site the right to subsequent distribution of content related to the Site Hangsphere.

Third party Apps

  1. The Site Hangsphere uses for its functionality applications owned by third parties such as Google Analytics or Facebook SDK. By using the Site and third party applications User also agrees to the terms of use provided by these third parties.
  2. Terms of use of applications by company Facebook Inc. are available on site: Facebook.
  3. Terms of use of applications by company Google Inc. are available on site: Google.


  1. To improve the functionality the Site uses cookies.
  2. Cookies are small files that are stored in the User’s web browser and used to operate some functions, for example, cookies remember User’s identification data, to avoid having to log in over and over again.
  3. More about cookies can be found on Wikipedia under the link here: HTTP_cookie.

Final Provisions

  1. These Terms of Use come into effect upon its publication.
  2. The Site Hangsphere reserves the right to unilaterally change the Terms of Use.
  3. These Terms of Use are governed by law of Czech Republic.
  4. In order to resolve disputes related to the operations of the Site is the competent court according to the place of residence of the Owner in the Czech Republic.
  5. In case of conflict of the different language versions of these Terms of Use, the version in Czech language is decisive.